Spotting the Truth in Media

When I was younger, I kept up with the news and admired those reporters who weren’t afraid to share the real story. When I hosted “Cry Justice” on WCBW and the rest of the Here’s Help Radio Network from 1995-2007, I enjoyed researching my topics, and offering a balanced perspective.

But within the past few years, it seems the reporters look for sensationalism rather than the true facts of the story. Social media and the internet have certainly increased platforms for sharing slants on stories. In my opinion, If we can’t share the truth, what’s the reason for being a reporter? Reporters were rewarded, it seemed, for their off the wall story. What we learned in journalism classes often seems to be forgotten.

Recently, I decided to interview  Business Analyst and Assistant Managing Editor from the MRC action group, Julia Seymour. My question: “What tips do you offer for finding out the real truths of a story?” Here’s what she shared.