Coaching Testimonies

I was blessed to be coached by Judy, as I was in the process of really launching the ministry that I lead. When I agreed to coaching, I thought she was going to “coach” me and help me solve problems.  By that I meant she would say, “Here, do this, and all will be good?”  What I thought would happen and what actually happened were two very different things.  Judy was an amazing coach, and taught me to problem solve on my own, by teaching me how to ask questions, to meet the goals, or solve the problems that I was facing.  We met monthly for several months, by phone.  She was always such an encourager to me, and the things I learned from her were so helpful.  I would recommend coaching to anyone.

I asked Judy Redlich to be my life coach during the COVID pandemic. Staying at home so much put a damper on my life. I had to find a way to do everything differently to include my work and the Sunday School Class I help teach. Judy asked me probing questions to get me to think of what was important in life and what could I do different to make things work. She also helped me learn how to make written plans to achieve my goals. Best of all, we ended each session in prayer, which encouraged me to keep moving. Now thanks to the Lord and to Judy, whom he brought along to help, I am seeing many good things happening in my life and in my Sunday School class.

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