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  • Going Back Through Yesteryear

    This weekend I got a tub of old goodies out of the garage and set my sights on the dozens of floppy disks I found inside. Yes, floppy disks. For you millennials reading who have no clue what I’m talking about, floppy disks are 3 and a half inch square disks that hold 1.2 meg of data. They were used in the 90’s and preceded the CD (compact disk). For those of you in Generation Z who might be reading ... continue reading »

  • Now Listen to Me on Bott Radio Network!

    How do you feel when you are asked to do something that reflects one of your life’s passions? Does excitement well up within you? Does it confirm in you that you’re making a difference? Does it cause everything else in your life to become a little more bearable? That’s what happens to me. I can climb a higher mountain, go the extra mile.

    When I was recently asked to be part of the KSIV Encounter radio show team, I knew the ... continue reading »

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