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  • Adventure Five with My NEW Four Footed Friend

    Hello again from The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey!

    If you are a dog owner, you know that dogs are a big responsibility.

    Learning how to take care of a dog’s basic needs is so important. Feeding it just the right amount of healthy dog food, giving it lots of fresh water, and providing it with sufficient exercise helps maintain the dog’s weight, keeps it a happy dog and makes you a happy owner.

    For those of us who have working dogs, ... continue reading »

  • Adventure Four with My NEW Four Footed Friend

    Hello again friends,

    Here’s another Adventure with my new 4-footed friend. In this adventure, we are still in training at the Seeing Eye School.

    The second route we had to master was the Elm Street route. In my estimation, this route was twice as hard and twice as long as the first one! The traffic was twice as heavy, too, and there were lots of hills on this route. In a couple of spots, we had to teach our dogs how to ... continue reading »

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