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  • Adventure Three with My NEW Four Footed Friend

    Hello again from Morristown, New Jersey.

    If you couldn’t see, and you had to team up with your dog to walk to a certain bus stop, take the bus to the train station, and ride the train to another destination, what preparations would you make? Close your eyes and imagine…. What thoughts fears, or emotions might you have? Or, would you consider the trip a huge adventure and go for it?

    On a beautiful, Sunny day, two of us ... continue reading »

  • Adventure Two with My NEW Four Footed Friend

    Hello from Morristown New Jersey. We’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to send you any new adventures until now.

    Let me tell you about our team. As I mentioned in the previous adventure, there are 21 students in our class. We have four persons in our team with one instructor.

    We ate meals together the first week, and we work together as a team, in pairs, or separately with our instructor for the duration of the ... continue reading »

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