I Am Grateful For The Human Voice. Are You?

Recently we celebrated Thanksgiving Day—actually we should thank the Lord for His goodness, provision and protection every day.

My husband had to leave very early for work, as he was in charge of the festivities planned for the Homeless.  After fixing a hearty breakfast for us, I took the dog for a little jaunt and came in to concentrate on the rest of the day. My son’s wife, Katie, was coming later and we planned to make pies together.

In advance, I wanted to find a recipe for a gluten free pie crust so we could make our son-in-law a gluten free pie.  So, I asked my Google Home to locate the recipe and she found  “Gluten Free Pie Crust by King Arthur’s Baking”. So, I asked for ingredients first. Google read the first ingredient aloud and when I said “next” it said, “nothing’s playing right now.”  This often happens to me when I try to get recipes from Google.  So, I asked for the same recipe again, and the same thing happened.  After the fifth try, I told Google she was not being helpful at all.  She asked me if I wanted to give feedback about my recent experience.  I gave my feedback about this issue.  Then I unplugged my Google Home for 60 seconds.  This is what I usually do when it has issues like this.  I plugged it in again thinking I would get the rest of my recipe.  It found the recipe and read the part of the first instruction aloud but stopped in the middle of the sentence.  It did that three times after I patiently found the recipe again each time and asked for baking instructions.

Do you ever find a similar thing happening to you?  As use of “AI” becomes more widespread, how much will we long for that human voice, the smile of the person serving us, an opportunity to reciprocate, leaving all of us with a warm, happy feeling?

One thought on “I Am Grateful For The Human Voice. Are You?

  1. Rebecca Prakash says:

    Hi Judy ! Thank so much for sharing that and I feel bad you had to deal with that disappointment, but I admire your patience! Truly the value of a person to person conversation is precious!

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