Wet Menace

What does your dog do when it encounters a sprinkler?  It probably doesn’t matter much to you, unless you have a seeing eye dog and you are intent on getting somewhere. 

My dog and I try and walk at least a half mile a day.  We take different routes each day and some special routes on weekends.

I know grass and plants need water on these hot summer days in St. Louis, but to my dog, sprinklers are a dog’s worst friend.  We’ve passed around 6 of them in the past three weeks on our walks.  I always know we are coming to one because Thelma stops in her tracks.  Try as I might, she won’t budge.  No, I take that back.  The first time we met this moving creature we walked right into its circular path and got soaked.  That did it for Thelma.  The next time, she hastily turned around and we headed back home.  Our hike that day turned out to be almost twice as long just to avoid the spraying menace. 

So I started taking treats with me to help. But she was resolute and just would not walk through them, even though a little water would feel great on a 90 degree day.  So with my commands we’d go carefully out into the street, walk along the curb until the sprinkler was behind us.  I kept giving her commands directing her until she was back on the sidewalk.  Then we’d continue our walk joyfully as if nothing unusual had happened. 

A yellow lab not liking water?  Well, you never know what’s in the mind of a dog.  But together we can navigate as a team to accomplish our mission.  And I am glad that when Thelma sensed danger she wanted to protect both of us from it.  And isn’t that why I’ve chosen  to have a dog rather than just use a white cane?  Another adventure with my four-footed friend.

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3 thoughts on “Wet Menace

  1. Susan says:

    Hi, Judy!
    Great little “slice of your life” with Thelma.
    Also an insightful look at how your life with a disability of blindness is so different from mine. You are so courageous and adventurous! Bravo! PTL!

  2. Lynda Lambert says:

    Hi Judy. I enjoyed reading your article today about adventures with the sprinkler systems and how you and Thelma plan your journeys to avoid getting watered. I also enjoyed learning about how you tell the story of Rahab. What a wonderful idea to re-create the scene and to learn through using hands to understand the layout of the wall and Rahab’s family home in that wall. I have an essay on her in my book, Walking by Inner Vision: Stories and Poems – and I focus on her use of the significance of the scarlet cord . As a fiber artist, this was an important part of the story – that little detail is enormous. Nice to meet you! Lynda

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