Caring for Our Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Long time care giver Peter Rosenberger says: “For an increasing number of families, the holidays result in stress, drama, and conflict as they gather together to celebrate. Many families are faced with the issues of an aging parents or loved ones who now has significant care-giving needs. With the massive baby-boomer population racing into their senior years, the conversation around many festive tables this year will turn to care-giving concerns.

In order to protect and cherish these family moments, here are four suggestions to navigating the holiday season, based on my experience as a caregiver for over 30 years.

As families — as caregivers — we can, and we must, navigate through this journey with a calmer and more joyful heart, especially during the holidays. It’s hard to carve a turkey with clenched fists. I know, I’ve tried. Instead of rushing to grasp more drama, let’s slow down and appreciate the memories and small victories, while embracing the often overshadowed, but always present, beauty in life.

Let’s find happiness in knowing we protect the one thing standing between our loved one and even harsher challenges.

After all, it is the season of gratitude and joy.”

Listen to my recent interview with Peter to find out more.

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