The Good Samaritan Case

Two men hand out food and water to homeless people. Three police cars arrive on the scene and issue citations. Seriously?

David Roland of Freedom Center of Missouri stepped in to help right this wrong. But will it happen again? Listen in to find out what efforts are under way to protect the right to help those in need.

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One thought on “The Good Samaritan Case

  1. Dawn Owen says:

    Hi Judy
    Met you at Soulard in 1974. You were handing out the NLEC paper (started with a Z. No longer remember the name) Because of you I have been a Christian for probably 40 years now.
    I was friends with Dave Kutz when he lived at Farm in House Springs owned by NLEC. I found you by accident. Well we both know it likely was not accidental. Many blessings to you as you’ve no idea how you blessed my life.

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