LinkedIn might be great for some, but for most Screen Reader users – we feel LinkedOut!

Tonight a friend came over to update my LinkedIn summary. I tried using my screen reader, Jaws for Windows, but just couldn’t get everything in the right places. So my heroic friend, who designs sites for a living, began entering the data for me–with Jaws turned on. It took us an hour to do a fifteen minute project. She said “This site Is so flaky, no wonder you don’t update or post new things here.” It seems every time we conquer the quirks of this site, they change it. I Do know how to accept new friends on LinkedIn, but don’t know how to reply to any messages up there for me. So, if you are one of my LinkedIn friends, just email me at [email protected] instead. I’d love to hear from you. Contact me, too, if you’d like to be part of a petition drive aimed at sites who don’t have accessibility as one of their priorities.

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